Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League

2020 WPASL All-League Teams and Awards Announced

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is proud to announce this year’s All-League and Award recipients. These selections and awards were voted for by WPASL managers.

2020 WPASL Primary Cup Champions: Bateaux FC

2020 WPASL Most Valuable Player: Josh Balsiger (Eau Claire Bateaux)

2020 WPASL Leading Scorer: Josh Balsiger (Eau Claire Bateaux)

2020 Forward of the Year – Abraham Carmargo (Lobos FC)

2020 Midfielder of the Year – Josh Balsiger (Eau Claire Bateaux)

2020 Defender of the Year – Chacha Nacius (Eau Claire Bateaux)

2020 Goalkeeper of the Year and Golden Glove: Aden Jerome (Barron Soccer Team)



Forwards: Abraham Carmargo (LOB – 14-6-34), Lino Cortez (LOB – 10-6-26)

Midfielders: Josh Balsiger (ECB – 17-6-40), Kaden Bergman (HAY – 7-0-14), Yovani Dominguez (LOB – 4-7-15), Nuuh Osman (BST – 5-3-13)

Defenders: Chacha Nacius (ECB – 2-3-7), Zak Haji (BST – 0-3-3), Nils Eckstrom (HAY – 2-2-6), Abdullahi Aden (BST – 1-0-2)

Goalkeeper: Aden Jerome (BST – 1.125gaa, .865sv%)


Forwards: David Ripplinger (ECB – 11-5-27), Abdulfatah Kahiye (BST – 4-1-9)

Midfielders: Manuel Garcia (LOB – 4-6-14), Ahmed Mohamud (BST – 5-4-14), Herbert Engop (BST – 1-1-3), Nik Nordquist (HAY – 2-3-7)

Defenders: Abdi Jama (BST – 0-0-0), Luis Mendoza (LOB – 0-0-0), Jamie Mauer (SCV – 1-2-4), Sadith Osseni (ECB – 0-0-0)

Goalkeeper: William Guevara (LOB – 1.22gaa, .847sv%)

Congrats to all of those who were selected for this year’s All-League teams!

Bateaux FC Crowned 2020 WPASL Champions

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is proud to announce that Eau Claire has been crowned the 2020 Primary Cup Champions after defeating Hayward United by the final score of 3-1.

This season has been historic for the league and for Bateaux FC. After finishing second last year, Eau Claire got their first title in WPASL history. Bateaux FC finished the season with 24 points and an 8-2-0 record, one point above runners-up Lobos FC (Wausau).

Bateaux FC were lead in scoring by league leading scorer Josh Balsiger (17-6-40) and fellow teammate David Ripplinger (11-5-27). The back line was anchored by league leading defensive scorer Chacha Nacius (2-3-7). Goalkeeper Ed Nelson (1.00GAA, .815sv%) held down the fort from between the pipes.

Bateaux FC managed to win the title while only playing one true home game in Eau Claire. Due to county guidelines, Bateaux needed to travel an hour to Barron for every other “home game”. Bateaux FC also never lost while wearing their black uniforms.

All-League Teams and Final Awards will be announced on Friday, September 11th at 12pm.

Member Club found to have used ineligible player; Forfeit given

(August 27th, 2020) The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League has found that FC Midnimo used an ineligible player during their game against Lobos FC on Sunday, July 26th.

FC Midnimo were notified of their eligible players prior to the game.

FC Midnimo listed the ineligible player, Osman Habane, on their manager’s report but the referee did not check this player in. The ineligible player then played as #4 Abdifatah Ali, who had been properly checked in by the referee. 

During the course of the game, the ineligible player scored FC Midnimo’s second and final goal. The game ended in a 2-2 draw. This goal was recorded on FC Midnimo’s game sheet as being scored by #4 Abdifatah Ali. 

Due to using an ineligible player, FC Midnimo will be stripped of their point and Lobos FC will be rewarded the forfeit win. The official score will be recorded as a 5-2 win for Lobos FC and FC Midnimo will be issued a $150 fine for using an ineligible player, per league guidelines.

Please refer to the Standings section of our website for an updated League Table.

Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League

WPASL to monitor recent COVID-19 cases

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is monitoring the recent cases of COVID-19 reported within the league. We will be following our league’s COVID-19 guidelines to ensure a safe return to play when appropriate.

Although guidelines to prevent an outbreak were given to participating teams prior to the season, we have identified the source and times of a small outbreak of positive COVID-19 tests within one participating team. Two additional teams were directly exposed to the outbreak by competing against the affected team this past weekend.

Prior to the season, the WPASL set forth guidelines to maintain player safety if an outbreak occurred within a participating team. The three teams directly exposed must follow these guidelines in order to safely return to play.

  • Any teams exposed to the players who tested positive must either prove a negative test or quarantine for 14 days.

Due to this guideline, games and team functions for these three teams will be suspended until a 14 day quarantine time is met starting from time of exposure. Any symptomatic players must test negative or quarantine for 10 days after the resolution of their symptoms. Non-symptomatic players must prove a negative test or quarantine for 14 days.

This follows guidelines set forth by local county officials. If these guidelines are met appropriately, all quarantined teams can safely return to competition on Sunday, August 23rd.

A fourth team was indirectly exposed through a game played with a directly exposed team. Due to the indirect exposure, this team must closely monitor players for symptoms, and if any player shows signs of symptomatic behavior, the player must prove a negative test to continue play. This allows for their game to be played on Sunday, August 16th should both teams agree to the game being played.

The WPASL put out guidelines previous to the start of the season stating that each player and each team is given the freedom to decide if they are willing to continue participation of the 2020 season due to concerns over COVID-19 exposure. There are guidelines for any participating team to discontinue their season if they feel appropriate. If this decision were to be made while the season is still in session, the team must inform the league of such a decision, pay a fine for any scheduled games not played and will forfeit any previous and future games played for the 2020 season. These guidelines were approved by each participating club ahead of the season, and will be followed accordingly.

League officials have been in direct contact with the managers of each exposed team and we will continue to monitor the situation on a team-by-team basis to properly ensure player safety.

Our league and teams have been in contact with local governments and are committed to maintaining player safety by following CDC, State and Local government guidelines and by following an extensive Return to Play plan put forth by the league prior to the season. We strive to maintain a positive and safe playing environment for all participating teams and players.

Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League

WPASL Soccer Kicks Off June 28th, All Games in Hayward

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) will kick off their season on Sunday, June 28th.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, all games will be played at the Hayward Soccer Complex in Hayward, WI. The fields are located north of Hayward on Highway 63. They are directly across from the KOA Campground (11544 North US Hwy 63, Hayward, WI 54843)

Please view the Schedules/Scores tab for an updated schedule.

Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League

WPASL To Resume Play on June 28th

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is pleased to announce that it will begin the 2020 season on Sunday, June 28th.

After gaining clearance from US Soccer, US Adult Soccer Association (USASA), Wisconsin Soccer Leagues (WSL) and local county governments, the league feels that the current environment is stable enough to safely return to play with proper guidelines in place.

Unfortunately, newcomers Ashland Armada FC and Duluth FC Academy will not be able to participate in the 2020 season, but will look to remain in the league for 2021.

The six remaining teams, Barron Soccer Team, Eau Claire Bateaux, FC Midnimo (Barron), Hayward United SC, Lobos FC (Merrill) and Saint Croix Valley FC will compete for the 2020 Primary Cup.

A 10 game schedule will be played, with each team playing a home/away series with the other five league members. There will not be playoffs this year in order to limit gathering sizes at league events. Instead, the top placed team will be announced the champion upon conclusion of the season on August 24th.

“We wanted to provide teams and players the opportunity to play in a safe, competitive environment. We were glad to have gained clearance from all of the proper governing bodies and are excited to get back on the field.”

– Kaden Bergman (WPASL President)

All participating teams will be required to follow the Return to Play Guidelines provided by USASA. Team schedules will be updated once finalized.

COVID-19 UPDATE – 4-2-2020

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) has decided to postpone games from the our first two weeks of play (week of May 17th and May 24th). We will instead play these games as the last two weeks of our schedule (week of August 16th and August 23rd). This decision comes after the recent spike in COVID-19 cases confirmed in Wisconsin.

We have updated the team schedules and look forward to starting the 2020 season on the weekend of May 30th/31st.

Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League

2020 WPASL Preseason Rankings

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is proud to announce the 2020 WPASL Preseason Rankings.

The 2019 season saw some exciting finishes with Barron Soccer Team taking the title. This year, the league has expanded, adding some highly prestigious clubs. With a new format this season, each team will play a 14 game home/away series with every opponent, with the top team earning the 2020 Primary Cup. The 2020 season should bring a lot of the same excitement with league managers predicting another tight race for the Primary Cup.

In their first season, Duluth FC Academy was tabbed as the favorites, earning 54 points and the top spot in the WPASL Preseason Rankings. Duluth FC Academy played an independent schedule in 2019.

Barron Soccer Team, last year’s WPASL Champions, was picked as the runner-up, with 53 points and multiple first place votes. Eau Claire Bateaux, who captured last year’s Supporters Shield, round out third place with 47 votes.

2020 WPASL Preseason Rankings (as voted on by team managers)

  1. Duluth FC Academy – 54 Points (3 first place votes)
  2. Barron Soccer Team – 53 Points (4 first place votes)
  3. Eau Claire Bateaux – 47 Points
  4. Lobos FC – 34 Points
  5. Hayward United SC – 29 Points
  6. Saint Croix Valley – 28 Points
  7. Ashland Armada FC – 23 Points (1 first place vote)
  8. FC Midnimo – 21 Points

A full schedule can be seen under the Schedule/Scores tab of our new website. Individual team schedules can be seen on each team’s page, found under the Teams tab of our website. We look forward to beginning the 2020 WPASL Season on *Saturday, May 30th*.

Ashland Armada FC joins the WPASL

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is proud to announce that Ashland Armada FC will be joining the league for the 2020 season.

“We’re glad to be in the WPASL for 2020. We’re currently strengthening the program here at Northland College and it’s good to have a spot for the guys and high level local players to keep competitive over the summer”

Ashland Armada FC was founded in 2020. After their manager took over the Assistant Coach spot at Northland College, he began to look into creating a team to join the WPASL. The Armada will use local college talent to field a competitive team for the 2020 season.

Home games for Ashland Armada FC will be played at Northland College (Ponzio Stadium) in Ashland, WI. Ashland Armada FC are managed by Thomas Walsh.

Additional information about the club can be located at their Twitter page (@FcAshland)

Lobos FC joins the WPASL

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is proud to announce that Lobos FC will be joining the league for the 2020 season.

“After playing in the local Wausau leagues for many years, we were looking to expand to a more competitive environment. The WPASL provides us with the perfect opportunity to play high level soccer in Northwestern Wisconsin”

Lobos FC was founded in 2003. After competing in local leagues as Galaxy and Blue Jays, the Lobos FC moniker was born in 2013 after new management took over. Lobos have ravaged the local Wausau leagues, gaining 5 championships over the years. Lobos FC finished in 1st place in the CWASL last year, before falling in the first round of playoffs.

Home games for Lobos FC will be played at the Merrill High School Field (Jay Stadium) in Merrill, WI. Lobos FC are managed by Luis Mendoza.

The club is in the midst of setting up a Facebook page, so keep an eye out for further information.