Member Club found to have used ineligible player; Forfeit given

(August 27th, 2020) The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League has found that FC Midnimo used an ineligible player during their game against Lobos FC on Sunday, July 26th.

FC Midnimo were notified of their eligible players prior to the game.

FC Midnimo listed the ineligible player, Osman Habane, on their manager’s report but the referee did not check this player in. The ineligible player then played as #4 Abdifatah Ali, who had been properly checked in by the referee. 

During the course of the game, the ineligible player scored FC Midnimo’s second and final goal. The game ended in a 2-2 draw. This goal was recorded on FC Midnimo’s game sheet as being scored by #4 Abdifatah Ali. 

Due to using an ineligible player, FC Midnimo will be stripped of their point and Lobos FC will be rewarded the forfeit win. The official score will be recorded as a 5-2 win for Lobos FC and FC Midnimo will be issued a $150 fine for using an ineligible player, per league guidelines.

Please refer to the Standings section of our website for an updated League Table.

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