Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League

WPASL Announces 2021 Season Format and Schedule

(April 13, 2021) The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is proud to announce the 2021 Season Format and Schedule.

The 2021 season will kick off on May 16th and will conclude on August 1st. Eight teams will participate in the league this year, with newcomers Poskin Jets FC and Spartan FC joining existing members Barron Soccer Team, Bateaux FC, FC Midnimo, Hayward Wolfpack FC, Lobos FC and St Croix Valley SC.

This year, the teams will be split into two divisions based geographically. These divisions are the North Division consisting of Barron Soccer Team, FC Midnimo, Hayward Wolfpack FC and St Croix Valley SC and the South Division consisting of Bateaux FC, Lobos FC, Poskin Jets FC and Spartan FC.

The teams will play each team in their division twice, once home and once away, and each team in the other division once, two games at home and two games away, resulting in a ten (10) game regular season.

All games played will count towards the overall standings, and although team standings will continue to exhibit all eight teams to maintain competitive integrity, the top team ranked from the North Division and top ranked team from the South Division will face off on August 1st for the Primary Cup championship, with the winner of this game being named the 2021 WPASL Champion.

A full league schedule can be viewed at the Schedules/Scores tab of the WPASL website, and team schedules can be viewed under their respective team pages.

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