FC Midnimo Removed From The WPASL

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is saddened to release that FC Midnimo has been removed from the league for the 2021 season.

FC Midnimo has been removed from the league for multiple incidents, including:

  • Refusal to pay the remainder of the 2021 WPASL Season Dues
  • Refusal to pay fines accrued throughout the 2021 season, including fines for forfeit of a match and refusal to send game sheets which verify an eligible roster
  • Refusal to participate in further WPASL games unless all monetary fines and fees are voided

FC Midnimo will forfeit their two (2) remaining games, against Barron Soccer Team and Hayward Wolfpack FC and will not be eligible for any post-season awards or recognition. FC Midnimo will not be allowed to participate in any further WPASL, WSL, or USASA sanctioned events until all monetary fines and fees are paid to the league.

FC Midnimo was founded in 2020 by Mohamed Yare. FC Midnimo finished 6th in the WPASL in the 2020 season.

The WPASL will continue with a six (6) team league for the 2021 season. League format will remain consistent and all team schedules will remain the same. A champion will be declared following the WPASL Championship Game on August 1st. Please see the Standings tab of the WPASL website for an updated league table.

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