Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League

WPASL League Statement Regarding July 11 Match Incident

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) and the WPASL Disciplinary Committee has reached a verdict regarding the incidents which took place on July 11th in a match between Bateaux FC and Lobos FC.

The WPASL condemns any physical altercations or incidents of similar nature and these types of events will not be tolerated in our league.

After thorough review of player statements, referee reports and game video, the WPASL Disciplinary Committee – with the guidance of the WPASL Rules and Regulations – has voted to implement the following suspensions and fines:

  • #9 Alonso Romero (Lobos FC) – 19 game suspension (in addition to 1 game red card suspension) due to violent conduct and striking a player
  • #8 Israel Garduno (Lobos FC) – 2 game suspension (in addition to 1 game red card suspension) due to spitting on an opponent
  • #7 David Ripplinger (Bateaux FC) – 1 game suspension due to unsporting behavior
  • Bateaux FC – $50 fine due to publicly releasing information prior to league approval and using potentially detrimental language to the league on social media

The game was abandoned by the referees in the 88th minute and the result of the game will stand as a 4-1 decision in favor of Bateaux FC. These suspensions and fines will be implemented starting with each team’s next scheduled game.

The WPASL Disciplinary Committee consisted of four (4) WPASL team members/managers from separate teams (excluding Bateaux FC and Lobos FC) and one (1) neutral mediator.

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