WPASL Awards and All-League Teams Announced

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is proud to announce this year’s WPASL Awards. After a successful campaign this season, the

2021 League Awards

  • League MVP Award: Kaden Bergman (Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Golden Boot Award: Mitch Brenner (Bateaux FC)
  • Golden Glove Award: Cole Bergman (Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Forward Of The Year: Abraham Camargo (Lobos FC)
  • Midfielder Of The Year: Kaden Bergman (Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Defender Of The Year: Alan Martinez (Bateaux FC)
  • Goalkeeper Of The Year: Cole Bergman (Hayward Wolfpack FC)

2021 First Team All-League

  • Abraham Camargo (Forward – Lobos FC)
  • Mitch Brenner (Forward – Bateaux FC)
  • Kaden Bergman (Midfielder – Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Lucas Zumwalt (Midfielder – Bateaux FC)
  • Yovani Dominguez (Midfielder – Lobos FC)
  • Tyler Germundson (Midfielder – Bateaux FC)
  • Alan Martinez (Defender – Bateaux FC)
  • Sakariye Haji (Defender – Barron Soccer Team
  • Nils Eckstrom (Defender – Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Sadith Osseni (Defender – Bateaux FC)
  • Cole Bergman (Goalkeeper – Hayward Wolfpack FC)

2021 Second Team All-League

  • Abdella Chaktouri (Forward – Poskin Jets FC)
  • Siji Gonzalez (Forward – Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Dan Hunt (Midfielder – Bateaux FC)
  • Sergio Camargo (Midfielder – Lobos FC)
  • Yabkal Demelash (Midfielder – Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Abdul Abdulai (Midfielder – Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Sebastian Paczuski (Defender – Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Dylan Winchester (Defender – Hayward Wolfpack FC)
  • Julio Ramirez (Defender – Lobos FC)
  • Erickson Tepole (Defender – Lobos FC)
  • Seth Kurzynski (Goalkeeper – Bateaux FC)

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