Union Eau Claire FC Joins the WPASL

The Wisconsin Primary Amateur Soccer League (WPASL) is proud to announce the addition of Union Eau Claire FC for the 2022 season.

Union Eau Claire FC was founded in 2021. After contributing to the success of Bateaux FC, club founders Larry Mboga, Herbert Engop, Charlot Nacius and Sadith Osseni created Union EC FC in order to promote soccer in the community, bring people together, and give players a platform to showcase their talents. The club hopes to give Eau Claire youth players an opportunity to play high-level competition beyond their high school and college levels.

The name Union Eau Claire FC was inspired by the beautiful city of Eau Claire, WI, the club’s home. “Eau Claire was born from the union of the Chippewa and Eau Claire rivers. The name works best for us since it fits our hope to bring people with different cultures and backgrounds together in the Eau Claire community. Also, Eau Claire means “clear water” in French, so we were looking for a french word to give us a meaningful name. It was really a no brainer to use Union, which means “togetherness” in French. Our logo uses a “Y” symbol to symbolize the Chippewa River and Eau Claire Rivers coming together, giving Eau Claire its birth. It also uses two hands clenched together, symbolizing our philosophy of bringing people of different backgrounds together.”

“The WPASL is a structured league and gives us the opportunity to compete with other top-level teams in Western Wisconsin. It provides a great chance for the players in our community to face strong competition outside of the Eau Claire area. We are striving to become an elite club within the WPASL, and to maintain a healthy, well managed club. We hope to reach the highest level of soccer in the Chippewa Valley.” – Sadith Osseni (UECFC President)

Home games for Union EC FC will be played at Eau Claire Soccer Park in Eau Claire, WI. Union EC FC will be managed by Sadith Osseni.

Additional information for the club can be located at unionecfc.com, facebook.com/Union-Eau-Claire, twitter.com/UnionECFC or instagram.com/unionecfc

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